Lincoln Hudson:

Lincolns boxing classes are considered the ultimate experience in training. With himself being a former champion who represented his state and country not only as a boxer but as an A.I.B.A official (olympic referee and judge). Lincoln incorporates his own 3 decades of experience into helping the average person get fit, but his forte is helping a boxer embrace their own style in fighting and stand up MMA.


Renato Vieira:

Professor Renato Vieira from Brazil will be our new BJJ coach. He was trained at Ribeiro Jiu-Jistu, is a 3rd Dan Blackbelt and has been successful in competing in BJJ tournaments around the world. Highly recognised around the world in the BJJ community, Renato has trained under people such as the Gracies and Pigani.


Lawrence Tauasa:

Lawrie has been boxing since he was 8 years old and turned professional at 18. He fought all way the to the top of the junior heavyweight division with an amateur record of 168 wins and 12 losses – holding 30 titles in that time. He has a professional record of 35(23KOs)-9-1 and is now using his skills and experience to help young boxers succeed. Along with starring as a contestant on the TV series ‘The Contender’, Lawrence ‘The Baby Face’ Tauasa has held many titles from various organisations such as UBO, PABA, WBO, WBF, IBF & Australian Cruiserweight Title. He has been a motivational speaker and youth worker in various countries, and uses his skills from inside and outside of the ring to lead the perfect path for young fighters to one day have a career as successful as his.


Anthony ‘Bad News’ Brownlie:

Recently making his comeback, professional boxer Anthony Brownlie uses his knowledge and experience of the sport to assist with our boxing classes, and runs his own BoxFit classes. Born in New Zealand, Anthony has had a successful career with a professional record of 10(2KOs)-7-1 winning a few state titles in that time. He now strives to help the young fighters from the gym improve their skills and keeps his students fit!

Master Benny Lampasi

At the age of 9 years old I started Taekwondo. At the age of 13 I started to compete in tournaments representing my club across NSW. At the age of 15 I got my 1st Dan Black Belt in ITF Taekwondo (International Taekwondo Federation) and represented my club and NSW at National Tournaments. I also started studying the Karate style, Goshin Ryu, from 15years old to 18 years old obtaining my Black Belt in Karate. At 17 years old I got my 2nd Dan Black Belt. At 21 years old I graded for my 3rd Dan in ITF Taekwondo.

At the age of 30 I transitioned to a new style in Taekwondo (WTF, World Taekwondo Federation). In 2005 at the age of 34, I was invited to represent my club at an instructors tour/competing and training event over in Korea at the World Taekwondo Academy Kukkiwon Headquarters with the Grand Masters and the Monks, under the instruction of the President of the World Taekwondo Academy Kukkiwon Headquarters, Woon Kyu Uhm.

In 2013 I opened my own club (Shilla Taekwondo) at the Ultimate Training Centre (UTC) St Marys, with the support of Lincoln Hudson. In 2014 I renewed my Level 1 Coaching Accreditation through Taekwondo Australia. In November 2014 I successfully passed my Kukkiwon 4th Dan Master Instructor/Examiner grading, which is recognised internationally. I am now entitled to formally grade my own students who are also recognised under the Kukkiwon system. The formal grading’s held on the premises at UTC St Marys.

Monday and Wednesday, normal classes 6pm till 7pm

Thursdays, Self-defence classes 5pm till 6pm, Tournament Training 6pm till 7pm

Personal lessons by appointment. Please contact UTC or myself, Master Benny on, phone: 0422452336



Chris Johnson:

This section will be updated soon…


Chris Whitehead:

No-Gi Grappling Coach

Originally from Liverpool, UK Chris has trained in America, Thailand & Australia. Over the last 10 years Chris has trained in a range of martial arts: BJJ, Wrestling, Judo, Boxing & Muay Thai.

Chris has completed in many national submission grappling tournaments, his biggest achievements include: winning the British No-Gi Open in 2012 at Purple Belt (67kg) which is one of the biggest competitions in Europe. Winning Ground Control in 2011 in the Advanced Division (73kg). Most recently winning the Dungal Fighting Championship 2014 in Phuket, Thailand in the Advanced Division. Chris has also lived in Bangkok training Muay Thai. Winning a professional fight in Phuket.

Chris is available for private training, enquire at the front desk.


Matthew O’Brien:

Being a qualified personal trainer since 2011 Matthew has worked with clients big and small, short and tall.

Having worked with people just for general fitness through to sporting individuals and teams, Matthew can help you reach your goals whoever you may be.

Some of matthews achievements that have helped him gain the knowledge he has include: State level golf competitor, active amateur boxer, 2 years of A-Grade Rugby League and 1 year of soccer.

His specialties in which he can help you include weightloss, fitness, funcitonal strength training, sports preperation and sports team conditioning.


Michael Hudson:

With the luck on his side to have grown up with Lincoln as a father and have natural talent as a boxer and trainer, Michael can help anybody with their fitness needs. Much loved by his kickboxing students, Michael sets a goal with you and will ensure you reach it. Michael holds his social kickboxing class on Friday nights at 6pm, and holds personal training sessions both one on one and buddy sessions by appointment. Contact reception and your details will be passed onto Michael himself.

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