Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Programme:


Individual Weight loss programmes for those wanting to reduce body mass or change body shape. The successful and proven UTC meal plans are based on eating clean and fresh fruits vegetables and lean meats that allow the body to mass to reduce quickly and effectively for long term weight change – no gimmicks, no shakes but great results quickly!

Ideal to for the lifestyle changes necessary for those with Type 2 diabetes – our results prove you can live a healthy drug free life again!

Workplace Wellness Programmes:


A range of health initiatives that are aimed to improve the health of working adults by giving businesses the tools, resources and support to address five health focus areas:

  • Healthy weight – weight reduction programmes, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease Education
  • Physical activity – on site strength and conditioning sessions
  • Healthy eating – on site mini health checks, nutritional advice and education
  • Smoking – smoking cessation courses
  • Harmful alcohol consumption – education and reduction programmes

Medical and Allied Health Services:

At UTC as well as having on site remedial therapy and acupuncture services you will have ready access to an experienced competent team of allied health professionals including:


  • Experienced GP, specialising in workplace injury and illness
  • Physiotherapists
  • World renowned acupuncturist
  • Occupational therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Injury management consultant
  • Consultant exercise physiologist
  • Audiologists


Call Michelle on 0419402775 to discuss your needs or to make an appointment.

Acupuncture, Cupping and Remedial Massage


Acupuncture and cupping  has become widely accepted over the past three decades, and, along with remedial massage, is frequently used in conjunction with other treatments in our rehabilitation process. Our therapist can treat a number of problems using these methods, including

  • Muscular pain and stiffness
  • Neuralgia
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Back pain
  • Stress
  • Respiratory problems
  • Overuse injury
  • Tinnitus

accupuncture-1Our resident therapist Richard Li is President of the AACMA is a highly qualified and respected therapist in acupuncture, remedial massage, cupping and Chinese herbal medicine in Australia and Internationally. Richard has been treating clients for more than 3 decades with excellent results.

The Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd (AACMA) is the peak professional body of qualified acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine practitioners in Australia. AACMA has represented the profession since 1973 and values high standards in ethical and professional practice.

High standards of education and practice are maintained by AACMA accredited practitioners due to the profession’s determination to provide excellence in acupuncture and TCM health care. AACMA members are bound to a high standard of ethical and professional conduct through adherence to our national practitioner accreditation standards, Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Call Michelle on 0419402775 to make an appointment.

Injury Management and Rehabilitation:

For all your rehab and strength for back to work come talk to our professionals

How to strap your body properly

How to: Strap the Thumb


how to wrapp wrist and thumb  –
SportSmart: Athletic Taping – Thumb

How to tape a thumb for sports – Presented by Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy



How to strap and support the knee


How to: Shoulder Strapping


all the above videos are great for gym ,game day but not permitted in various combats sports

for all your strapping needs go to –

Simple ideas for staying healthy 

Exercise consistently”Get some form of exercise regularly. It doesn’t have to be every day but stay consistent: every day, 2 times a week, 4 times a week, whatever works for you. Determine what time of day makes you feel best. Personally, exercising in the morning makes me feel great during the day, but if I can’t do morning, I’m fine exercising at night.”

Drink plenty of water

“Our body is made of up to 60 percent water, and I talk to people who haven’t had a glass in days! Grab a stylish (and large) glass, fill it up and sip as you go. If I get nothing on my to-do list done because of fire drills, but somehow my water glass is empty, I can end the day with a win, no matter how small!”

Be social

“Having friends is the #1 most important key to longevity. In fact, it is as good for your long-term health as avoiding cigarettes, according to many studies. Why? Friends tend to call you out when you’re going astray. Increase your health without drastic changes by spending time with your more active and healthier friends.”

Take walking meetings

“As often as possible, take your meetings while walking. Prepare for your phone meetings so you do not need to be in front of a computer. Carry a small notebook so you can track important notes from face-to-face meetings, too. You’ll be amazed at how many steps you can take — and how refreshed you will feel — by getting outside multiple times per day.”

Throw away your office chair

“Replace your office chair with a stability ball. Sitting on the stability ball requires the use of stabilizer muscles throughout your core and legs, even at rest. This idle workout activity is perfect for entrepreneurs who are working insane hours at the computer.”

Schedule your life, too

“Reserve set times in your schedule for activities that allow you to recharge and that add value to your life, such as daily exercise, a weekly date or social night. Reserve time for family activities and a yearly vacation. You will look forward to it, and a vacation also provides extra motivation to manage your time well so you do not have to cancel on others — or yourself!”

Eat vegetables

“I switched to a vegetarian diet and noticed that my after-lunch productivity increased because my body wasn’t using as much energy as it was before to digest proteins like chicken or beef. By stocking up on vegetables for snacks and eating a plant-based diet more often, you can deliver your body its needed nutrition and optimize your production. Avoid loading up on carbs like pastas and bread.”

Make time for yoga and meditation

“Millions of yogis and years of history can’t be wrong! Yoga and meditation are effective tools for managing stress and maintaining health. No matter how busy I am, I commit to at least one in-person, guided meditative yoga practice every week to ground me and my practice. I try to independently incorporate the physical and mental teachings of yoga into my work and life on a daily basis. ”

Curb your coffee and food consumption

“When you’re working insane startup hours, there is a big temptation to stay alert and awake 24/7. Often, startup founders start drinking lots of caffeine to achieve that goal. Unfortunately, lots of caffeine is not a good long-term strategy for health. You need to be able to sleep well and recharge. Make sure to keep your coffee consumption to a moderate amount!”

Get out of your chair and move (walk)

“Every 45 minutes or so you should get out of your chair for at least a minute or two. Stretch, get coffee/water, anything to get you up. Nobody is meant to sit in a chair for 12+ hrs straight.”

Make every minute count

Enjoy life like its your last minute , move more and eat less of unwanted rubbish , I:E:  sugars, sweeteners and anything  in packages  , Eat fresh

Plan a healthy diet

“Your brain needs good fuel to function properly, and eating small, healthy snacks throughout the day keeps energy levels up and makes you more productive. If you’re a startup company, invest in healthy snacks in the office, rather than soda or candy. It is more expensive, but I can guarantee the $30 per week you spend on Clif bars and green tea will return to you tenfold.”

Walking phone calls

“As a remote company, our culture promotes getting exercise and getting out of the office. I take all of my phone calls standing up or even walking around. It improves my alertness and helps me incorporate physical activity while I work. We are also implementing treadmill desks right now with mounted monitors.”

UTC Bootcamp


Don’t waste time or money on inexperienced trainers or programmes that promise the earth and deliver little or no results.At UTC our experienced staff can give the best programmes, achieve results and turn you into the champion you deserve to be.Large and small group training available.
Contact reception for details of our next intake for ten week bootcamp!

UTC Personal Trainers

Are you looking for a personal trainer that fits your personality?personal1

Choose to train with one of UTCs experienced elite personal trainers to achieve your goals!

Our staff have many years’ experience across a diverse range of fitness areas, including personal training for a variety of clients including mums, dads and kids, all the way through to working with corporate clients and elite sportspeople.

Check out our trainers profile and contact reception for a complimentary consult with one of our trainers.