Ultimate Training Centre defined by its values. The values underpin the Centre’s performance, integrity, professionalism, reputation and responsive service to its clients and stakeholders.

All staff are required to uphold the values of the Centre through the Code of Conduct and decision making processes. All management and contractors have an additional duty to uphold and promote the values of the Centre and to model exemplary behavior consistent with these values.

The values are not presented in a hierarchical way. All values are of equal importance.

Ultimate Training Centre Values:

  • Places the health, well being, welfare and safety of staff, clients and visitors to the center as a priority
  • Promotes respect, responsibility and accountability
  • Is sensitive to the diversity of its clients, staff, stakeholders and visitors
  • Performs its function in a professional manner with integrity and honesty
  • Provides a workplace that is free of harassment and discrimination
  • Recognises and uses the diversity of the Australian community
  • Provides frank, honest, accurate advice to management, clients, staff and stakeholders and visitors
  • Encourages and supports communication, cooperation, collaboration, openness and transparency from staff, clients and stakeholders
  • Delivers its services fairly, equitably, effectively, courteously, and for value
  • Provides leadership in Occupational Health and Safety
  • Focuses on results for clients and the business
  • Provides a fair system of review and appeal, feedback and contributions from staff, clients, stakeholders and visitors
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